SOLID STRIPES / MarbleAvenues by Liga ZemtureSOLID STRIPES / MarbleAvenues by Liga ZemtureIMG_0810SOLID STRIPES / MarbleAvenues by Liga Zemture

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I am not a big fan of stripes – maybe because I am not a big fan of all sailing garments. And stripes remind me of the sea and boating and captains and ships… This should be a big surprise, since my husband and I are big sailors… Hahaha, actually I am a very funky sailor who is afraid of great winds (my husband would laugh if he saw that I am confessing this to you… When I am too afraid in a big wind and waves he makes fun of me, saying that he will write a letter to all the magazines where I have given interviews about sailing and will announce that I am poor sailor…) :))) Whatever! I am!!! And I like fashion on a boat too…! :)))

Actually, when we sail I never wear stripes, maybe because I feel it is too traditional for a boat – I like a gorgeous long dress that plays in the wind better and makes me feel free and careless.

This beautiful stripy dress I chose for my post caught my eyes instantly. It does not happen often that I fall in love so quickly with some garment. But when it happens it happens… It has an awesome cut and quality, and, by the way, stripes will be one of the trends for 2016. However, this post won’t be about sailing or 2016 trends, but about how to use stripes to your advantage! As I already wrote in my previous post, HOURGLASS, we all look beautiful no matter what body shape we have! We just have to dress it the right way! The key to success is to choose the right garment for your figure. In this case stripes are your best friends, because with the help of vertical or horizontal stripes you can enhance your body’s best features and hide those you do not want to see. It can make such a big difference in your looks!

You have to remember that horizontal stripes make your body look wider and vertical stripes look slimmer. However, this does not mean that horizontal lines are bad and will make you look fat: you just need to know how to use them properly. The ideal shape we should get is the hourglass – wide shoulders, a tiny waist, and wide hips (I am not a real supporter of this formula, because I think that as long as a woman is happy and there is a sparkle in her eyes, then she is beautiful no matter what shape she has!!!). But OK, if we have started then let’s finish: the formula is easy – dress your widest place in vertical stripes and your slimmer parts in horizontal lines and get the right balance.

Your rectangle-shaped friend,

Liga ;)))

PS: Who is a poor sailor by the way…



PHOTOGRAPHY / by my beloved husband UGIS ZEMTURIS


STANDOUT STRIPES / MarbleAvenues by Liga Zemture



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