KENZO Creative Directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, and the Creative Advisor at H&M, Ann Sofie Johansson, truly have invested an enormous amount of effort from the very depths of their hearts so that we are able to see this special collection, one which is the product of a collaboration between KENZO and H&M, on the shelves of H&M as early as 3 November. Why is it so special, you may ask? Because it is part of the KENZO history, a part that is now offered exclusively to all of us. I would even go so far as to say that each H&M collaboration with other brands is always worth collecting, this one especially so, because the articles which form this collection have been taken from KENZO’s archives, which are already part of history.

Indescribable emotions and great excitement! The Kenzo x H&M show in New York absolutely astonished me. I’ve seen many different fashion shows, but this was something special. The choreography and music production touched me really deeply, the music especially. The journey itself together with excellent company has provided a mass of inspiration for a new wave of work. And undoubtedly New York itself, which this time greeted us warmly with temperatures of 27°C degrees, did its best to ensure our trip remained unforgettable. It was only one and-a-half day in the city that never sleeps, but it has provided a pretty positive recharge that will last the entire year. Now I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the next H&M collaboration will consist of. It’s something that is incredibly interesting, because the preparatory work for the collection takes about two years, so the next surprise is already being formed behind the H&M stage. But for now we can enjoy the KENZO x H&M show and look forward to collecting the products it generates.

In this blog post you can see what I liked the most in this collection, this is short blue ribbon dress, leather jacket (and secretly I can tell you that I would even wear long parka from mens department). In turn, I was given the fantastic opportunity of being able to ask a few questions of the KENZO Creative Designers, Carol Lim (CL) and Humberto Leon (HL), and the Creative Advisor at H&M, Ann Sofie Johansson (AS). And what really interested me was the question, which of these outfits they would select for themselves?

CL: „I’ve got so many favourite pieces in the collection, and my favourite changes every day. If I had to pick just one, I’m looking forward to wearing the double-breasted leather coat with the faux shearling pink collar. It’s got such a great silhouette, and will look amazing all winter long“.

AS: “I love the mix of pieces in the collection. It’s so rich with detail, and there are so many options so that everyone can find their perfect piece of KENZO x H&M. I love the playful elegance of the reversible kimono jacket. The logo sweatshirt with the frilled mandarin collar is a piece that I know women will wear for seasons to come, and the frilled tops and shirts are so feminine and fun. There are pieces that make a really loud statement, like the double-breasted fake fur coat, then others that are more versatile, like the silk printed dress. It’s such a clever collection, with something for every fashion love to make part of their own style”.

This collection is quite outstanding therefore I wanted to ask how would they describe their personal style and did it influence the KENZO x H&M collection?

HL: “Carol and I both grew up in the suburbs of Southern California, and we both share a love of mixing together different influences to express our own identity. It’s about bringing together street wear with ideas from all around the world to create your own look. You can see our take on KENZO throughout KENZO x H&M, because it’s like a conversation between the Takada, founder of the KENZO brand and us. We wanted to look at his incredible work through our own eyes, bringing his look back for a whole new generation”.

AS: “At H&M, we’re always talking about personal style. We love it when our customers find the pieces at H&M to help them build their own look, mixing things up in their own way. It’s the perfect way to approach for the KENZO x H&M collection, because these are pieces that will transform your outfit.

Speaking for myself, I always aim to have fun with fashion, and I can’t wait to wear the double-breasted leather coat with the pink faux-shearling collar from the KENZO X H&M collections. I love its oversized shape that cocoons the body, and I know I’m going to be wearing it all winter long”.

Each of us we have our own particular style. For me it is always interesting to find out what is the one thing in other people wardrobe they cannot live without and what would be the investment piece they would suggest everyone to buy?

CL: We love sweatshirts, because they can make such a statement, and yet are also so democratic and easy to wear. When we started designing KENZO x H&M, we knew we wanted to have one as part of the collection. We created a special new version with a patchwork logo that reads KENZO JUNGLE PARIS circled around a tiger, with a frilled mandarin collar with antiqued floral buttons. It’s a piece that we hope people will wear for seasons to come, which is the sort of investment piece that we love – it doesn’t need to be expensive to have long-term value.

AS: I love white shirts and tuxedo blazers, classics that I always return to.

Now you’ll know the hottest pieces from this collection and will be well prepared for November 3rd! And for more inspiration I will add short video from KENZO x HM show in New York at the end of my post.


And always remember to “Express yourself”!


Liga xoxo


COLLABORATION / H&M Showroom Latvia





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    I love Kenzo and H&M dress!

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