coat H&M Studio A/W17 / dress H&M Studio A/W17


Although I spent this summer in Miami, where the air temperature reached 32°C every day, and my summer was filled with sunshine, as I returned to Latvia I could feel that all my loved ones had really missed the sun. As much as I don’t want autumn to come just yet, nature is bound to continue its cycle and the process is inevitable. The leaves are already starting to turn yellow and hints of approaching autumn can be felt in the morning air. However, there is one thing that I like about autumn – it’s the chance to be able to wear a coat, a leather jacket, or even to combine the two. I just love layering. Sometimes I feel like a cabbage under all those layers, but I still love doing it.

Unlike my friend who has dozens of coats in her wardrobe, I believe that this is only my third woollen coat. I’ve never had a huge necessity for them. This is probably the first season in which I have really felt the desire for one. Fashion does seem to set its own trends. The quality of this coat from the H&M Studio collection is outstanding, and it has my favourite warm grey colour and a great cut. It literally can save the day! Autumn feels a lot more sunny and certainly warmer with it.



PHOTOGRAPHY / by my bellowed husband UGIS ZEMTURIS



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