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One of the biggest passions in my life is travelling. I still clearly remember the geography lesson when our teacher was telling us about Australia. I was thinking how incredibly far away it was… And at the same time I was sure I would visit it someday. Back then it was as distant and unreachable to me as the moon. But the most important thing is to believe and reach for your dreams.

Now I have visited not only Australia but also many other beautiful places around the world. This is not a story of how many countries I have visited, however, but about what is important to me when travelling.

An essential part of every trip is choosing a hotel to stay in. If I’m going on a road trip, where I lay my head at night doesn’t matter to me so much. The most important thing is that the sheets are clean and fresh. But if I’m staying at a hotel, I make sure it is beautiful and has that special something.

My friends often tell me that I have an eye for unique hotels. Indeed, this is something I am looking for. If I am planning on enjoying myself, I do not hold back. One of the most impressive memories I have is of the hotels in Thailand – The Naka and Keemala. These are places I would love to return to. Hunting for a hotel in Dubai was very interesting. If I’m perfectly honest, only one hotel in this unbelievably expensive city was up to my beauty standards, because I am more into high-quality minimalistic interiors than the typically grandiose Arabian style. That time we chose to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial District.

But what about my beloved Riga? Where do I recommend people who are visiting Latvia to stay? One of the hotels with a simply wonderful atmosphere, modern and cosy rooms, and a particularly beautiful dining hall is Grand Palace Riga. This is also where my photo session featuring the new Erdem x H&M collection was held. Grand Palace has a special atmosphere that takes you into an entirely different, magical world.


Wish you passionate day!


Liga xox


COLLABORATION / H&M Showroom Latvia

LOCATION / Grand Palace Hotel Riga




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