I was really surprised by Abu Dhabi. We visited Dubai almost a year ago, and, as I already wrote in one of the blog posts on Dubai, it was hard for me to find a hotel that suited my taste, i.e. one that was minimalistic, European and modern. Thus, the reason that made us want to go to Abu Dhabi was not only the recently opened direct flight to Abu Dhabi, but also the fact that I was able to find beautiful and stylish hotels.

Since it is not of utmost importance for us to live by the water, but we do require a good and well-designed swimming-pool in the hotel, I found hotels that had just that. One of them also had a delightful beach with a great view of the magical Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

When arriving, the plan was to stay at the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, which is located approximately ten minutes’ drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport. The design of Yas Viceroy is very well thought out and it is located in the middle of a Formula 1 track. Yas Island also hosts Ferrari World, a huge waterpark, which will be great fun for those visiting Abu Dhabi with children, as well as Yas Mall. One thing that must be noted is that the hotel has a fantastic gym with a view of the pier and the Cipriani restaurant. However, one thing that was rather unpleasant was the regular air traffic over the swimming-pool of the hotel, as aeroplanes were descending to land at the nearby airport. There is also a possibility to use the hotel’s beach, although I can’t say that I enjoyed it a lot. Nevertheless, the hotel did match my expectations regarding what I was looking forward to most – a true aesthetic thrill.

The next hotel we tried out was the Fairmont – a Canadian classic that was once enjoyed by Marilyn Monroe, as well as ex-presidents of the United States. I must admit that the hotel might need a bit more minimalism, however, when arriving, we were delighted by the fact that our check in and room was on the 7th floor, which was only meant for club members. There was also breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner served specially for those staying on this floor. And all of it was fantastic! The view from the window, as well as the one from the beach to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, was outstanding. Thus, even though we were not fans of the hotel’s design, we did not want to leave.

We then proceeded to Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, which should be great for those going to Abu Dhabi for exhibitions, as it is located right next to the National Exhibition Centre. There is a SPA, gym and a swimming-pool with a wonderful view on the 19th floor. The hotel itself is modern and is included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Furthest Leaning Manmade Tower. I must say that the tower really does look impressive and uber stylish. Moreover, the modern suite also made me feel at home.

We’ve come to the conclusion that we do not like staying at one hotel for more than three days. Therefore, I chose the Rosewood, as it offered a gorgeous swimming pool with metal palms installed. Unfortunately, the swimming pool is in the shade during the day, but it is possible to sunbathe, or, as in my case, be under a sun umbrella (as I do not sunbathe), in a special area near the pool. Almost next to the hotel is the restaurant Zuma, as well as the luxury brand shopping mall The Galeria, where I visited the stylish Bulgari Pop-up Store and tried on a watch with a green crocodile-skin strap made specially for the Middle Eastern market. Now I know what kind of a watch I want to buy next… Definitely one with a green strap, however, not one from crocodile skin J

The Rosewood is located in the centre of town, near the recently opened museum Louvre Abu Dhabi. I could probably call it the biggest pleasure of the whole trip. It competes with the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in its grandeur, which I would recommend visiting in the afternoon at around 16:30, as you will be able to see it during daylight, as well as in the dark when it looks best in my opinion! However, I enjoyed the Louvre museum more. If you’re visiting Abu Dhabi, going to it is a must, as the museum itself is a piece of architecture that is worth admiring. Since I love minimalism, the experience I had was truly overwhelming.


Wish you peaceful pre Christmas time!


Liga xox



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