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One of the biggest passions in my life is travelling. I still clearly remember the geography lesson when our teacher was telling us about Australia. I was thinking how incredibly far away it was… And at the same time I was sure I would visit it someday. Back then it was as distant and unreachable to me as the moon. But the most important thing is to believe and reach for your dreams.

Now I have visited not only Australia but also many other beautiful places around the world. This is not a story of how many countries I have visited, however, but about what is important to me when travelling.

An essential part of every trip is choosing a hotel to stay in. If I’m going on a road trip, where I lay my head at night doesn’t matter to me so much. The most important thing is that the sheets are clean and fresh. But if I’m staying at a hotel, I make sure it is beautiful and has that special something.

My friends often tell me that I have an eye for unique hotels. Indeed, this is something I am looking for. If I am planning on enjoying myself, I do not hold back. One of the most impressive memories I have is of the hotels in Thailand – The Naka and Keemala. These are places I would love to return to. Hunting for a hotel in Dubai was very interesting. If I’m perfectly honest, only one hotel in this unbelievably expensive city was up to my beauty standards, because I am more into high-quality minimalistic interiors than the typically grandiose Arabian style. That time we chose to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial District.

But what about my beloved Riga? Where do I recommend people who are visiting Latvia to stay? One of the hotels with a simply wonderful atmosphere, modern and cosy rooms, and a particularly beautiful dining hall is Grand Palace Riga. This is also where my photo session featuring the new Erdem x H&M collection was held. Grand Palace has a special atmosphere that takes you into an entirely different, magical world.


Wish you passionate day!


Liga xox


COLLABORATION / H&M Showroom Latvia

LOCATION / Grand Palace Hotel Riga




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For more than half a year my daily companion has been a Huawei phone P10 plus. I must say that I would’ve never had paid attention to Huawei if it hadn’t been such a great camera. It was designed in cooperation with what I believe to be the best camera manufacturer in the world – Leica.

I’ve been a fan of Leica ever since I started professional photography. Thanks to that, I had a genuine interest in what type of images it would be possible to take with a phone that has a camera lens that was designed by this specific company. I must say that I’m not disappointed. The pictures have turned out to be very vibrant and rich in colour, and they look especially good when using the black-and-white mode. I really like the depth of field of the pictures.

The image included in this post – taken with a Huawei phone – was used in a photo exhibition, so you’ll be able to see just how high quality a large format print of a picture taken with a phone may be.


The only thing that I’m missing as an instagramer is a mode for taking square-shaped photos.

So please, Huawei, add this mode to your next phone!

It’s a real deal 😉






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Although I spent this summer in Miami, where the air temperature reached 32°C every day, and my summer was filled with sunshine, as I returned to Latvia I could feel that all my loved ones had really missed the sun. As much as I don’t want autumn to come just yet, nature is bound to continue its cycle and the process is inevitable. The leaves are already starting to turn yellow and hints of approaching autumn can be felt in the morning air. However, there is one thing that I like about autumn – it’s the chance to be able to wear a coat, a leather jacket, or even to combine the two. I just love layering. Sometimes I feel like a cabbage under all those layers, but I still love doing it.

Unlike my friend who has dozens of coats in her wardrobe, I believe that this is only my third woollen coat. I’ve never had a huge necessity for them. This is probably the first season in which I have really felt the desire for one. Fashion does seem to set its own trends. The quality of this coat from the H&M Studio collection is outstanding, and it has my favourite warm grey colour and a great cut. It literally can save the day! Autumn feels a lot more sunny and certainly warmer with it.



PHOTOGRAPHY / by my bellowed husband UGIS ZEMTURIS




dress H&M Conscious


Can you believe that this gorgeous dress is made from pet bottles that were washed out on the shoreline?

Isn’t it amazing!

I truly love H&M Conscious collections because they always have very deep meaning for me.

Speaking of this bionic material, it is not only meaningfull or picture perfect but also very durable. I can confess that I swam with this dress several times – first, for this photo shoot in the ocean, then in the pool, and after all, to wash it I went in shower wearing it. What surprised me the most: I hung it out to dry and next day when I checked it my dress looked amazing, like nobody ever had worn it. I was speechless!




PHOTOGRAPHY / by my bellowed husband UGIS ZEMTURIS




I’ve been to Miami countless times, but this was the one time that I will always remember the best. And it is not only because I celebrated my birthday over there. (How old did I turn? You don’t ask a girl about her age!).

This trip to Miami was different because we had a possibility to drive around town in a Lamborghini for a whole week.

As I’ve been interested in sports cars ever since my childhood, this was something truly special for me. Lamborghini is undoubtedly a gorgeous car, but what excites me the most about it is the sound that it makes; not the speed, but the sound ‒ and not the sound it makes when accelerating, but when braking ‒ it feels like somebody is firing a cannon from the exhaust.

A little bit of history ‒ Lamborghini began its rise to fame as a manufacturer of tractors. Not a bad modern-day tractor, right?! 🙂 I have to say that now, when I’m back to Europe, there are times when I miss this car a little (well, this is an understatement ‒ we really did not want leave the Huracan behind).

We tried out two Lamborghinis this time ‒ Gallardo, which we thought resembled a race car, as it was quite stiff and difficult to control, and Huracan, which was a completely different car with great driving comfort. Of course, I’ve got to mention that the most used button in a Lamborghini is the one that raises and lowers the car so that it would be possible to drive in somewhere, down from somewhere and over something, but this did not prevent us from enjoying this super-car in any way.

I can’t wait for the next time when we’ll be in Miami and will rent the Lamborghini Aventador super-car from the amazing MPH Group. Of course, they also have other options such as private jets and luxury yachts, but we’ll leave those for another time.

I have to say that the great team working at this company is able to easily get to one’s heart ‒ they are fantastic guys who love what they do so much that it can be seen without words and can be felt. And there are also two office guards ‒ Mr.Blu dog and Mickey Pomer ‒ who cheered us up with their friendliness. I think that an office of a company that has dogs in it has to have the best people working there.

Thank you for the marvellous work and the outstanding attitude! I wish you to become the best exotic car, jet and yacht rental in the USA from all my heart! I know that you can do it, as the product is not the most important thing anymore ‒ attitude and presentation is crucial! You’re the best!






PHOTOGRAPHY / by my beloved husband UGIS ZEMTURIS