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I will share with you my latest discovery! This time it will not be about the shopping but something sparkly and bubbly – champagne.

I have never been a big fan of this drink. Even at a New Year celebration I always try to skip it because all I ever tasted was carbon dioxide and bubbles that did not sit well with my stomach. But lately I had a very educational experience with the Embassy of Champagne (thank God!) 😀 Otherwise I would get old, die, and never would have discovered what I am going to tell you. :)))

So there is a new fashion/way of drinking champagne, and I will admit that it changes everything… (Oh, yes!)

Already for some time now wine connoisseurs have come to the conclusion that champagne tastes better from wine glasses. Girls! Flutes are out of fashion now!

As I already told you, it makes a huge difference. It changes the taste (finally you can taste it), because it opens up and lets the beautiful aromas express themselves much better, and at the same time you enjoy mild, nice, and sexy bubbles.

So, don’t be old school, and play a little smartass at the restaurant by asking to bring the champagne in wine glasses. Remember: blanc and light rose (Moet and Veuve Clicquot) from simple white wine glasses, but more complex champagnes like Vintage and Ruinart from pinot noir glasses. 😉

And there is something more! We should break old-fashioned stereotypes that champagne is only for special occasions or celebrations, because it tastes amazingly good with seafood and even meat. Champagne will definitely be a very big competitor for a daily wine replacement along with food. I tried it myself in the last two weeks when I tasted special champagne and wine combinations in four restaurants in Riga, Latvia. I must say it was heavenly good. And if you want to enjoy a glass of champagne with delicious appetizers created to be enjoyed together, then you can do it until the end of March in these four restaurants:


A glass of Veuve Clicquot Rosé Brut with paired delicacy – the wild trout caviar with rice crisps.

3PAVARI  three-chef restaurant  “The good must grow” 

A glass of Veuve Clicquot Rosé Brut  – Foie Gra, red orange gel, black currant reduction, fennel salad and red currant sauce. This was my favourite combination.


A glass of Moet & Chandon Rosé Brut with paired delicacy – seared salmon trout, Iceland prawns, fennel salad, red currant sauce.


A glass of Moet & Chandon Rosé Brut with paired delicacy – beef carpaccio with  balsamico glaze and cherry tomato. Melon with Serrano ham and red currant gel. Spicy fried tiger-prawn mango chutney.


Try champagne from wine glass and let life surprise you! ;))


Liga xox


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