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How to survive cold weather in Miami? You have to go shopping.

Miami has Design District, my most favorite place for shopping, and BalHarbour Luxury Fashion Shopping Center. One of the best concept stores, TheWebster, and one of my favorite restaurants, Makoto, are located in BalHarbour. But let’s leave this for other posts and now explore the shopping on Lincoln Road. I am not a big fan of South Beach at all, but there are several stores on Lincoln Road that keep me coming back.

ALCHEMIST – 1111 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

This is a concept store that brings together the synergetic cultural world of fashion, design, art, and architecture. I remember that years ago I bought my Valentino x Havaianas slippers here while they were sold out everywhere else. Alchemist has a great choice of well-known designers.

They have boutique for women accessible from Lincoln Road passage and an awesome store for men on the 5th floor of a conceptual concrete design car park. I really love the design of the upper store.

INTERMIX – 1005 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

This is one more concept store on Lincoln Road, but it has a very different style from Alchemist, so it is worth visiting both. I found the Chloe shoes I love there (see in the photo).

BASE – 927 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Hidden in a lovely yard with even more lovely pink zebras on store roof and surrounded by beautiful palm trees. BASE is a very cool concept store for men. And I found one especially fashionably hilarious brand called Massive.

THE CAFÉ AT BOOKS & BOOKS – 927 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Located in the same yard as BASE, you can enjoy some quiet time away from busy Lincoln Road by drinking some coffee and reading magazines collected from around the world or some fashionable books you can buy at the BOOKS & BOOKS shop.

BABALU – 927 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

I really loved how Babalu presented themselves on their homepage. See what they are writing about their super cool and stylish boutique: “Babalu is all about living la dolce vita in the lap of casual luxury. Everything at Babalu is hand-chosen, not easy to find. The Babalu Perfume Bar is a celebration of the world’s most distinguished niche parfumiers. Exotic stories inspire each creation, and every fragrance bottle has its genie.  Without apology, Justin Bieber and J. Lo didn’t make the cut!” (LOL) 🙂

LADUREE – 1118 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139

After hours of shopping on Lincoln Road (there are a lot of stores to explore: H&M, ZARA, Zadig & Voltaire, and many more) you can buy some L’Addures to reload yourself.

Never tired of shopping! ;))





CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga ZemtureCC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga ZemtureCC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture  CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture IMG_0706 CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga ZemtureCC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga ZemtureIMG_0388-Edit

dress IORANE / boots CHANEL / bag CHANEL / earrings CHANEL / lipstic MAC Ariana Grande

If you follow me on Instagram, no doubt you have already noticed how much I love Chanel, but who doesn’t… OK, maybe someone. But I seriously doubt it… ;))

For those who wonder about the name of the post, I was brainstorming with my dear Miami girls, Carol and Gabriela, about the name, and somehow we came up with CC’ndrella – the modern, twisted Cinderella. She loves Chanel boots more than her Chrystal pumps… And it is totally about me – sometimes, if my look is too perfect, I love to make it more edgy and damage a little bit. Maybe it is something linked to my previous background representing my country at Miss World that I am afraid to look like a pageant queen again. So I paired this gorgeous dress with biker boots, and I felt amazing and even more elegant than if I had worn heels.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!



P.S.: I can’t believe we are in Miami, where it should be hot… Shooting today, but it is the coldest day Miami has had in a long time… such a nasty wind… I hope you didn’t see my goose bumps in the photo shoot ;D But always look on the bright side of life! There is an epic snowstorm in New York now… I hope they will work everything out safely!

So I’m enjoying Miami’s crazy winds… Woohooo!




PHOTOGRAPHY / by my beloved husband UGIS ZEMTURIS



CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture CC'ndrella / Marble Avenues by Liga Zemture