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Just like every trip, this one has also come to an end. But, like they say, you can’t have too much of a good thing. On this wonderful trip, we enjoyed stays at four different hotels. As we have already criss-crossed Thailand, this time we decided to explore some of the best and trendiest hotels on the island of Phuket.

The Naka Hotel where this photo shoot took a place was an unforgettable architectural experience for me due to my unconditional love for minimalism. It’s best to visit it with your significant other or friends, not with your children. It has excellent villas with ascetic design, large living rooms and private pools, making them perfect for a romantic getaway.

If you want to travel with the whole family, you will definitely enjoy staying at the Indigo Pearl Resort that is now called The Slate. We couldn’t figure out why they changed that beautiful name and never got the chance to ask anyone. This was our second time staying at this hotel because of its convenient location only a 10 minute drive away from the airport. They have one of the best (possibly even THE best) restaurants for Thai cuisine called Black Ginger. While in Thailand, we always go for traditional Thai foods: Tom Yam soup, papaya salad, Pad Thai noodles, and beef salad. The Slate has three swimming pools, each with its own charm – two are for adults only (16 years of age and up) and one, for parents with children. Also, this hotel has one of the best breakfast offers.

Keemala Hotel impressed us with its unique houses that have borrowed the building principles from four different clans. We stayed at a two-storey tree pool house with its own swimming pool. We felt like we were in the middle of the jungle, even though that wasn’t the case.

The most memorable parts of Pullman Hotel were the beautiful swimming pool with an incredible view to the gulf, and the lounge above it, which was perfect for sipping cocktails while enjoying magnificent sunset views.

Another one of my favourite hotels is Sala Phuket, which we didn’t stay at this time. Located on the seaside, it has its own special quiet atmosphere and a beautiful black pool. This hotel is only a 15 minute drive from the airport.

At any rate, Thailand’s climate is the perfect escape from the European winter. Here you will find a variety of hotels and other types of accommodation. My suggestion is to stay away from city centres when visiting tropical locations, because they are always swarming with tourists. If you want to have a nice and peaceful vacation, you will be better off choosing beaches, jungles and nice, small islands.


Wish you to find your perfect place! 😉





PHOTOGRAPHY / by my bellowed husband UGIS




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On my way to the Dior show in Paris – during the flight from Kiev to Paris – I was accidentally acquainted with Olga Navrotska. She had a trendy hand luggage with Mickey Mouse on it. As always I couldn’t keep silent and complimented, asking what brand the bag was. As it turned out, the bag was Samsonite, and thanks to it a new and amazing acquaintance was started. As it also turned out, Olga is a well-known fashion designer from Ukraine. Starting from 1999 Olga designed costumes for more than two hundred music videos.

By that time Olga had been invited to create style for the world famous magazines lake a Viva, Elle, FHM for TV music movies and such mega popular TV show like “Dancing with the Stars”

During the years of dynamic growth Olga has been awarded many famous prizes. Here are some of them: “Style Icon” from Elle awards, “Best Stylist” by Best Ukrainian Fashion awards, “Stylist of the Year” in competition “Black Pearl”, “Prize for active citizenship” from Viva on Best fashion awards 2014 and etc.

Esthetics for Olga is one of the most important things, which are why she does all the photo shootings of her clothing collections by herself. It’s only one of the many others creative talents she has. You can check here page here, to see gorgeous photos she makes.

In 2012 Olga started stage directing. She did 17 music videos, short movie and video campaign for NAVRO.

After Paris I went to New York for the KENZOxH&M show, and I took with me a dress made by NAVRO, which struck me with its pattern of storks and wing-like sleeves. So I mixed this dress with accessories from the new KENZOxH&M collection. Although I have heard many people saying that the KENZOxH&M collection is a variegated one, I do believe that it really has a great many items that are worth adding to your collection. You can create the perfect match, combining these wonderful items with a variety of outfits that are already in your closet. The basic principle is to be creative and, as was repeated in a song played during the KENZOxH&M show, Express Yourself! Actually New York itself is the place, which inspires me to think outside the accepted norms and laws.

I wish you to express yourself without any limitations or prejudice!


Liga xox